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Book Ideas

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Memory Books

Share your memories with your loved ones, or help someone share theirs. Our guiding interview questions make it easy!

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Celebration of Life

Capture stories, memories, and oral histories to chronicle the lives of loved ones. A perfect gift for the family.

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Family Stories

Genealogical research is very popular. Do you have all your information in different pieces and photos? Consolidate them using our bookbuilder. Share with your family for generations to come.

Budding Novelist?

Are you an aspiring author? Use our bookbuilder to put your words to paper. Self-publishing is easy with our bookbuilder and professional binding.

Baby Books

Do you have a new family member? Mark the great event and save all the important information and photos of your baby in a completely customized book.

Memorabilia Products

Memory Mugs, Customized Ornaments, Puzzles, and more!

Coffee Mugs

Custom mugs using your photos!

Photo Puzzles

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Coming Soon!

Customer Reviews

I am almost finished putting my mom’s book together. I spent Saturday and most of yesterday working on it. I can see how this could become quite habit-forming! I’m already thinking about doing another book filled with pictures of our family members - there are a lot of us!

Thank you again for your help! Your site is actually quite easy to figure out. Sometimes I just need a little nudge and someone to tell me I can do this!

The more I used the program, the easier it became. Pretty soon I was zipping right through it. Some of the pictures didn’t turn out where I wanted them to, but I kept rearranging text or pictures so they came close. I think you are doing a fantastic job and I can’t wait for the culmination of the book.

I was reluctant at first to work on this memory book. I didn’t believe I could do it, or if I wanted to. It has done more good for me than you could imagine. I began having a good time, remembering my childhood, growing up, and meeting - and marrying - my husband. Those memories were not as deeply buried as I thought. Thank you for the opportunity to give to my children some parts of me and their dad that they should have had long before now.

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