This web site is a dedication to the memory of Viola Foulks. She was our mother and grandmother, and is the inspiration for our book building project.

In 2006 Vi was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. For Christmas that year we helped her compile a book of special memories that she could share with her children and family. The disease at that time was mostly affecting her short-term memory and she was still able to recall and recite many wonderful memories from her childhood, her early marriage and our childhoods. It was a very special gift. What we did not realize at that time was how it would grow in value as her disease progressed and her ability to recall these memories faded. In the last few years of her life she spent many hours reading and re-reading her memories. In the last weeks of her life it became even more important. She had lost the ability to communicate, but she would still smile when we read to her stories from her life.

Two years before her diagnosis our dad/grandpa was taken from us by a sudden, massive stroke. Although we knew much about his early life, there were many questions we were deprived of the ability to ask, and many stories we would never hear.

Dana Foulks

I have more than twenty-five years experience in graphic design and page layout. I started out at kinko’s when they had in-store typesetting and moved from there to a medium-sized print shop in Walnut Creek, California. Then I was recruited by Electronic Data Systems where I spent nearly twenty years supporting sales teams.

I am passionate about design and professional looking documents whether they be annual reports or personal biographies. Because of my Mom’s memory book, I am inspired to create similar books for families who want a keepsake to remember their loved ones.

Kathy Downey

I have been a medical transcriptionist since before graduating high school, a skill I learned from the best - my mom. After caring for my mom during her illness, I feel I have a deep understanding of the importance of memories, and how quickly they can be gone. I can think of no better way to put my skills to use than to help other people preserve and share their life stories with family and friends.

Of all the things that parents can share with their children and grandchildren, their memories, their wisdom, and their experiences have to be among the most precious.

Jeff (Papa) Downey

The addition of the on site printing aspect of Touchstone Memories, LLC, created the need for a production manager, an equipment maintenance technician, an inventory specialist, and a human resources manager.

He re-purposed our old horse barn into our new Book Barn, where we currently have our operation. He is loved by dogs and small children.

John Downey

I have been a medical transcriptionist since before graduating high school, a skill I learned from the best - my mom. And then I went to college and got a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. After that, I obtained a job with Happy Jack Software in Laramie, Wyoming, and worked there for 1-1/2 years before leaving Laramie to come back home and work on the Touchstone Memories website full time. I maintain all of the software code and I am constantly working to improve existing software features and to write new software features for our users.