Create your own book!

Our bookbuilder is an amazing application that makes it easy to create almost any kind of book for any stage of life. Kids can use it to write stories or make their own picture books. Teachers can use it to help students make yearbooks, for kindergarten through high school. You can record vacations, family reunions, birthdays, weddings, holidays, and any special occasion. Parents can make story books for their children, about their children, and baby books are easy to create and add to as your child grows.

Guided memory books are our specialty! Like the old-fashioned memory books, we provide an ever-growing list of interview questions to help you get started. Answer the questions you like and ignore the others. Only the questions you choose and answer will be included in your book. You can also write and answer your own questions.

If you prefer, you can write your book without using the interview questions. You can upload pictures that correspond to your stories, or pictures that you might like included.

When you are done answering your chosen questions and telling all of your stories, you then submit them to us and we will use your words and pictures to create a beautiful hardcover memory book, personalized for you.

The bookbuilder can be used to make almost any kind of book - let your imagination be your guide!

There is a bookshelf tutorial and a book content tutorial that open automatically. They are short and it is a good idea to go through them. If you prefer, however, you can skip them and go straight to writing. We also have a help manual that is on the right side of the BookBuilder screen that can be kept open while you work on your book, for reminders and help. You can always make a practice book to play with while you learn the program and can be easily deleted when you are done with it.

Help someone create a book

We understand that, for many different reasons, it may be hard for someone to create a book without help. Our application is designed with those people in mind, built from the ground up to allow for a "team effort" between those who have questions and those who have answers. If you have someone you'd like to make a memory book for, simply start building the book, select the appropriate questions, and share it with them. We'll keep it private between just the two of you. You can also personally interview your author and transcribe the stories into the bookbuilder. Answers and stories can be cut from other digital documents and pasted into the bookbuilder.

A note to the caregivers - We have personal experience of being primary caregivers to loved ones. Creating a memory book is a wonderful activity for the loved one and the caregiver, both the interview and book creation process, and later the hours of reading the stories and reminiscing. It is very exciting to see your stories, your pictures - your life - in print!

We highly recommend recording your interview, both for later use in writing the book and to keep, whether or not you create a book. We will soon be adding an option for audio recordings and transcription, also!

It is our belief that memory books, or some kind of record, of EVERYONE'S life stories is not a luxury, but more a necessity. The ones that we have from our family members are so wonderful - for them, for us, for our children and grandchildren - and we regret so much missing other loved ones' stories. Our ultimate goal is to make it easy for everyone. Let us know if we can help you.

Getting Started!

To start your own memory book, click on "Your Bookshelf" or "Tell Yours Here" from the home page.