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Reminiscence Books

Reminiscence therapy is defined by the American Psychological Association (APA) as “the use of life histories – written, oral, or both – to improve psychological well-being.”

Reminiscence books are priceless tools. The book can help caregivers get to know your special person. Looking at the pictures, reading the stories (or having them read to her) can help calm her when agitated. He can show off his book to his friends, to help tell his story whether or not that story is getting harder to tell. Our mom never got tired of looking at her pictures. It was a reaffirmation that she had a special life, that she accomplished things, and that she has people who love her.

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Flip through the pages. This book was created easily with our BookBuilder. You can do the same with your book!

Our BookBuilder can be used in two ways to help in reminiscence therapy for your loved one.

First, if the person you want to help can still remember events and people in his or her life with little prompting, you can ask questions and make an audio recording or write down their answers to be entered into the book by you later. The time spent reminiscing with your loved one is priceless, for them and for you. Let them talk, and many times one memory will spur another. They don’t have to follow a set order, just enjoy the time reminiscing. You may think you have heard them all, but there may be some surprises!

Later, you can use the recordings or your notes to add the text into the reminiscence book using the BookBuilder, and at the same time add as many pictures as you want to go along with the stories. When you feel that you have completed as much as you can or want, submit the book to us for printing.

Second, if your person is no longer able to recount stories on their own, write them in the BookBuilder to the best of your ability. Use our Q&A questions as prompts to help! Add pictures from your person’s life, their family, friends, pets, home, special places, historical events, etc, and then submit to us for printing of your book.

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